Ever wondered how workaholics manage to get so much stuff done in a short amount of time? Maybe they are genius… but maybe they’ve just found the balance between concentrated working phases and breaks to relax their body and mind.
So this is how it WORX.
This simple, modern, and esthetic looking table is pioneering. It is a reinvention of workflow. Do you need to finish this paper in one day? Please take a seat. The high quality processed wooden boards guarantee a wide working surface with enough space to free your mind and focus over a long time.
Already worked for hours and in need of time to relax? No Problem, in a few steps, this extraordinary table transforms into a comfortable, body protecting lounger. The seat area is made of pneumolastic, a material that supports bone circulation and muscle recovery. It provides excellent  conditions for an efficient break or a laid-back worksession.
As you see, this amazing table suits your needs in either way.
The perfekt solution for everyone. Everywhere.

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